Sunday, 21 October 2012

Free Printable:Nanny/Sitter Communication Sheets

One of the hardest things about being a working mom is being  away from my baby all day. Our family is  fortunate to have a capable, loving nanny who helps take care of the children, but being away from the baby  (now 6 months old) for such long stretches sometimes leaves me feeling a little out of touch.

Although I trust our nanny and she does a great job, I still like to know what happened during the day. We also need to be able to easily and clearly share important information about my baby.  This is especially important on days when I'm rushing out the door just as she's arriving (or vice versa), or when he is fussy or a little unwell.

Daily Communication Sheet

To make communication simpler and clearer, I created a daily communication sheet. I usually print out several copies and keep them in a plastic binder, together with a pen, in my kitchen.  Each night I fill in all the relevant sections on the next day's sheet and the nanny updates it throughout the day.  I then review it when I arrive home after work.  Click here to seen an example of how I use the sheet.

Why it works

Obviously the daily communication sheet cannot replace face-to-face or telephone conversations, and my nanny has carte blanche to call me at the office during the day if she's concerned or unsure about anything, but it works well for us because:
  • Everything is captured on one page so both my Nanny & I can see everything at a glance
  • My nanny doesn't have to work from memory when doing things like administering medicine or introducing new foods
  • Apart from allowing me to stay in touch with what happens during the day, if I'm worried about anything I can review a history of my baby's diet, medicines and behaviour over a few days. This is very useful for pinpointing any changes that might have triggered a problem.
This sheet would also work well for communicating with sitters, or even creche caregivers.

What have you done to make being a working mom easier?  Please post your strategies in the comments below.

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