Thursday, 25 October 2012

Sex and the married woman

My life goes whooshing by and I am left, confused and breathless, in it's wake.
My responsibilities, and yours, dance in the graveyard where my dreams sleep.

The baby needs supper,
The printer is broken,
The gardener asks for a short-term loan.

Meetings and greetings,
Clients and aphids,
Phone calls from the boss while the sausages sizzle.

Homework and housework,
Domestic politics,
There's a police car in a driveway three houses away.

My parents are aging,
The dogs need de-worming,
And I forgot the bill, so my Internet's down.

Cosmo says:
"Red lingerie is the thing!"
While a colleague, respectfully, addresses my breasts.

Keeping my temper,
Holding my tongue,
Making sure everyone still gets along.

Dieting, planning,
Getting things done,
Going to gym if I find the time

Sex? And the married woman?

-- By Penny van der Lith

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