Thursday, 25 October 2012

Wear killer heels without killing yourself

Every woman needs at least one pair of killer heels.  I don't care if you are the outdoorsy type, a raging feminist type (so am I, by the way) or even the "life is too short for high heels" type.  The rule is:  Have feet? Wear heels!

Now, before you say anything, you need to understand that stilettos are more than just shoes.  They are a weapon - in the feminine style.  They serve the same purpose for women that "boy toys" serve for men.  They declare status (Manolo Blahniks, anyone?), they give you an edge as you tower over lecherous colleagues, and they can look really, really good.

Of course, let's not be stupid about our beloved heels, however.  Much like prescription medicine, they have a time and place and must be used wisely. If you are pregnant, carrying babies or small children (or anything heavy), need to operate heavy machinery (e.g. a car), or are about to run the Comrades, ditch the stilettos.

That said, I think it can be safely said that "stilettos maketh the woman".  So, here's the Busy Mom's Guide to killer heels:
  • Choose a pair that support your feet properly.  Personally, I have never had much success with strappy stilettos.  I find them wobbly and unstable - a recipe for stairwell disaster...
  • Choose a pair that are well balanced, with a firm, but not rigid sole.  The shoe needs to bend just enough for you to be able to walk properly, but must not be so soft that the spike of the heel feels like it is moving when you walk.
  • You might need to go a size larger or smaller than you usually wear. Too tight and you will end up at a podiatrist, too loose, and you will end up at an orthopaedic surgeon.
  • Test them with a walk up and down the shoe aisle a few times before making your choice.
  • Walking in stilettos requires a different style of movement.  You need to loosen up, slow down, lengthen your stride slightly and sway your hips a little more.  Paradoxically, this makes it easier to balance and you avoid looking like Daisy Duck after too many glasses of champagne! 
  • Keep your killer heels for venues where you be indoors and sitting down for much of the time. Good places for heels include business meetings, restaurants, church and dinner parties.  Wearing them to nightclubs, outdoor events, and even weddings is risky.
  • If you want your heels to last, clean after each wearing, and avoid walking on grass, sand, gravel and paving.  Driving will also damage them.
So there you have it! Go knock 'em dead in your heels!

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