Monday, 28 April 2014

Don't love me "anyway"...

I saw a quote on my timeline. It said:
"True love (friendship)
Is about finding someone
Who accepts you completely
(In spite of your flaws)
And loves you anyway".

Or some variation on that theme.
I don't want that,
To be "loved anyway"!
I don't want love based on
Patient tolerance
Of my weaknesses.

I want friends who think I am
Interesting, funny, weird.
Annoying, even.
I want the people in my world
To be ruffled enough
To examine their own.

And then, I want them
To ruffle my feathers right back
Please, poke my sacred cows
With lovingly pointed sticks,
Puncture my ego
Pop my bubbles.

I want to be loved by people
Who think I'm wonderful.
Perfect, even.
Perfect enough to appreciate
Their rough kindnesses.
And love them.

Perfection is not flawlessness,
It's beauty
Interesting variations
In an harmonious whole.
An appealing blend of
Surprise and order

My flaws, my shadow self,
Make me whole.
Without them I would be flat,
Bland, like unsalted rice.
Only the living can grow.

Stubborn or determined?
Enraged or passionate?
Lazy or resting?
Its's condescending to accept me
In spite of my "flaws".
Rather, befriend me because of them

-- By Penny van der Lith, (c) 2014