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  • Effective Discipline - I always find disciplining my kids a challenge.  How strict should I be?  What is fair?  What is sustainable?  iMom's 21 Creative Consequences offers some great ideas.
  • Helping kids who can't spell I've never really understood why Sweetpea finds spelling so hard.  I've always known that she doesn't understand the logic behind the conventions of spelling, but I've never understood why.  Having read this article, I now get it, and know how to help her.  
  • Sensory Processing Disorder - Parenting a sensory kid isn't for sissies!
  • "Mom! I'm scared!" - Seven ways to coach your child through fear - Some of my ideas on how to help your kids with things that go bump in the night.
  • Surviving School (for parents of "difficult" kids) -  Advice on how to cope with the minefield that is primary school.
  • The Busy Mom's Totally Awesome Handwriting Practise Sheets - Printable handwriting practise sheets for kids who are learning their letters.

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